Abu Cars is a leading Used Cars Provider in Trichy and also its sorrounding. Our work is buying and selling cars for customers for commission basis. We have 30 year of experience in this field. So we can evaluate conditions of car easily. Because of this reason so many happiest customers still believing us. We Care for our Customer Satisfaction more than our profit. We provide all the cars at any time...

                          We are doing this as commission based consulting business. We help for both buyers and sellers. We have list of buyers and sellers.

                        we just connect sellers and buyers. If you want to buy your dream car, we buy your cars as like buying for ourself from the list of sellers. We have 30 years of experience. We will let you know the condition of the cars clearly. Because of this reason, so many customers believes our words.

                        If you want to sell your precious cars, we help for that also. We sell your cars for reasonable price. We put our effort to the buyers to get your valuable price. We will inform you list of buyers.

                        In this Automobile field, somebody can easily cheat us. But we are the expert to identify those things. We can easily get to know condition of the car. so our customers will not be cheated any way. That we can assure.

                        Abu cars is a symbol of Genuine and Nice dealing...